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SDAG 2006 ANNUAL FIELD TRIP - October 28-29, 2006
Where the Pavement Ends: Geology of Volcanic Hills

Volcanic Hills - October 29, 2006

Domelands Hike - October 27
Canyon sin Nombre - October 28
Sunday began with pancakes, bacon, sausage, fruit, coffee, and a few leftovers from Saturday provided by the Menghini chuckwagon crew.

"Geologic Map of Part of the Volcanic Hills"

Stop 4. Dave Bloom, trip leader, prepares for discussion.
Dave Bloom - field trip leader
Stop 4 - Alverson Basalt.

Monte Marshall discussed 25 years of collecting paleomagnetic data in the Coyote Mountains and Volcanic Hills. What does it tell us about this region specifically and North America in general.

Stop 5 - Canebrake Conglomerate (not visited on 2006 field trip to allow more time at Stop 7).

Stop 6 - Mesa Conglomerate terrace gravels. Low clearance vehicles stop here. Rearrange carpools - high clearance 4WD vehicles continue down into the wash.

Stop 7 - End of the road - West Mortero Wash. A short 1/2 mile hike in the gorge of the eastern Volcanic Hills.
Shade and lunch at the start of the trail
Stop 7
Beverage service on trail
Beverage service on trail
Monte Marshall - Paleomagician with basalt flows and breccias
Montek the Magnificent
End of the trail - basalt over volcanic breccia.
End of the trail

Stop 8 - Imperial Highway Monument. At 2pm Sunday recognition ceremony.

Our student grant program was a success! We had several students on the trip who were there because of it. We'll roll over the extra funds to provide student grants on next year's trip.

For those who missed the field trip, the 2nd printing of the guidebook will be available for sale at the December meeting. You can then retrace our steps.

There was a lot of excitement about all the studies that are being done in the Coyote Mountains area, much of it unpublished. There might be an opportunity for SDAG to co-sponsor a conference in 2008 or 2009 to highlight the work being done in this area.

Thank you to all the experienced SDAG field trip organizers for helping to make this field trip a success: Diane Murbach, Monte Murbach, Sarah Gray, Carole Ziegler, Phil Farquharson, Lowell Lindsay, Greg Cranham, Joe Corones, Curtis Burdett, George Morgan, JR Morgan, and everyone else who helped out.

Additional Field Trip Information and Maps

Download Maps from SDSU

David M. Bloom, CEG
2006 Vice President San Diego Association of Geologists

Domelands Hike- October 27
Canyon Sin Nombre - October 28
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