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SDAG Monthly Meeting
Wednesday - May 17

Location: Casa Machado
3750 John J Montgomery Dr.
San Diego, 92123

South side of Montgomery Field (Airport).

happy hour
6:00pm -
Social hour  

SDAG Monthly Meeting

6:00pm - Happy Hour
6:30pm - Dinner
7:20pm - Announcements
7:30pm - 8:30pm Presentation
8:30pm - 8:45pm Questions


Menu: Mexican buffet
if pre-registered by the deadline, $5 extra if you did not make a reservation. Click the SDAG member checkbox on the reservation form if you are a member.

Cost: $50.00 for non-members, $45.00 for members, $30.00 for students
Reservations: Make your reservation online by clicking the button below no later than 3pm, Tuesday, May 16
WALK- INS are still welcome but it might not be possible to add you to the food count.
CANCELLATIONS: If you would like to cancel, pls do so by TUESDAY 5/16 AT 3 PM. Please keep in mind that we still need to pay for confirmed no shows.Fees payable at the meeting or pre-pay with PayPal.
There also will be a phone credit card reader at the meeting.


7:45pm - Announcements
8:00pm - Program

" Fire and Ice in the North Atlantic: A Geologic Tour of Iceland "

Speaker: Don Barrie, Geology Professor, San Diego Mesa College Board Member
Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association (ABDNHA)

Iceland is a large oceanic island developed along the North American-Eurasian plate boundary atop a melting anomaly interpreted to be a mantle plume. Situated between the Reykjanes Ridge to the south and the Kolbeinsey Ridge to the north, the origin and evolution of Iceland since early Miocene time have largely been controlled by the localization of subaerial ridge segments atop the Iceland plume, followed by ridge migrations and jumps. Plate divergence occurs along the North, East, and West Volcanic Zones; oblique divergence occurs along the Reykjanes Volcanic Belt, the site of the 2021/2022 Fagradalsfjall eruption. Ridge-ridge transforms include the South Iceland Seismic Zone and the Tjornes Fracture Zone. Volcanic rock in Iceland is predominantly basalt; however, shallow crustal magma chambers beneath Iceland's central volcanoes also produce lesser quantities of intermediate and silicic volcanic rock. Deeper magma reservoirs convey magma directly to the surface via dike and fissure swarms oriented perpendicular to regional spreading azimuths of 105 and 285 degrees. With its ~ 30 active volcanic systems, Iceland hosts a diverse array of volcanic landforms, including shield volcanoes, scoria/spatter cones, stratovolcanoes, calderas, cone/crater rows, rootless cones, hydrovolcanic features, and subglacial volcanic landforms. Subglacial eruptions are frequently followed by jokulhlaups (glacial outburst floods). Other notable features include waterfalls, ice caps, fjords, valley glaciers, iceberg-strewn proglacial lakes, geysers, and uplifted sea cliffs. Icecap margins are currently experiencing rapid glacial isostatic adjustment rates of up to several cm/yr. In summary, Iceland is a geologically wonderous place - a must-see for field-tripping geoscientists everywhere.

I'm a geology professor in the physical sciences dept. at San Diego Mesa College. I teach physical geology, historical geology, and Earth science. Before becoming an educator, I worked as an environmental consultant both domestically and abroad, in California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Guam. As an educator, my passion is to make geoscience accessible to general audiences. In addition, I'm interested in how students learn geoscience, and occasionally conduct research on this topic.

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May 17 - topic: Iceland   location: Casa Machado


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