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SDAG Monthly Meeting - IN PERSON
Wednesday - May 18, 2022

Location: Filippi's Pizza Grotto
5353 Kearny Villa Road
San Diego, CA. 92123

SDAG Monthly Meeting - IN PERSON

6:00pm - Happy Hour
7:00pm - Meeting begins

happy hour
6:00pm -
Social hour  

Menu: Pizza

6:30pm -

Cost: $40.00 for non-members, $35.00 for members, $25.00 for students, $45.00 at the door without reservation.
Click the SDAG member checkbox on the reservation form if you are a member.

Reservations: Make your reservation online by clicking the button below no later than 11:00am, Tuesday, May 17
Late reservations/cancellations are preferred over walk-ins or no-shows. Fees payable at the meeting or pre-pay with PayPal.
There also will be a phone credit card reader at the meeting.

If you are a current SDAG member and are not getting e-mail announcements,
make sure the SDAG secretary has your correct e-mail address.

7:00pm -

" PFAS (Per- and Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substances)"

Speaker: Chuck Houser, CHg, SCS Engineers

PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) have become a source of concern in California and throughout the nation. PFAS is a "forever chemical," which means that PFAS compounds do not naturally degrade in the environment. PFAS compounds can be found in, among other things, cosmetics, sunscreen, new clothes, Scotchguard and other moisture repellants, Teflon (yes your pans), fast food packaging, and AFFF (aqueous film forming foam used to extinguish aircraft fires). The State Water Board has issued investigation orders to a variety of industrial facilities, including plating facilities, landfills, and airports, known to store, use, or dispose of materials containing PFAS. This talk presents a case study of the on-going PFAS investigation at the Santa Maria Public Airport in central-coastal California.

Chuck Houser is a hydrogeologist with SCS Engineers. His professional experience includes underground tanks, due diligence, clean water resources, and, you guessed it, PFAS. In his spare time (as much as he can find), Chuck fly fishes, collects minerals, and is a private pilot.

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Recordings of past meetings

3/16/2022: Dr. David A. Novelo-Casanova & Dr. Gerardo Suárez "The Risk Atlas of Mexico City, Mexico: a tool for decision-making and disaster prevention"
Passcode: S5UVV8y$

2/16/2022: Dr. Isabelle Sacramento-Mcjilton "The Great Geological Perils of Portugal: Quiet now, big later..."

1/19/2022: Dr. Norrie Robbins "Extending the Busch-Miller (2016) Hypothesis: Acid Rain from K-Pg Bolide Impact Chemically Altered Exposed Igneous Rocks in San Diego County"
Passcode: K8^!F=ZE

Recordings of other past meetings are temporarily unavailable

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