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2000 Field Trip - Geology and Enology of the Temecula Valley
Riverside County, CA

field trips SDAG's "Field Trip 2000" was a big success! On June 3-4, 2000, 30 SDAG members and guests participated in the annual SDAG field trip, entitled Geology and Enology of the Temecula Valley Area. We started our trip on Saturday morning with continental breakfast at the Lake Skinner campground, then everyone boarded the chartered bus for the day ... We viewed the ancient I-15 wedge-slide, had an overview of Wolf Valley and various zones of ground subsidence and fissures, had a private wine tasting and presentation at Stuart Cellars Winery by Marshall Stuart himself (proprietor and winemaker), we drove across the basalt-capped Santa Rosa Plateau, previewed new Riverside County hazard maps, discussed recent trenching within the Elsinore Fault Zone, and concluded the technical part of the day with a presentation of the local SCS soil survey maps at Mount Palomar Winery. Saturday was not a typical rustic field trip: we had plenty of snacks, beverages, bag lunches, and air conditioning on our personal bus.

I-15 Temecula Overlook
I-15, Wolf Valley, and
Temecula Valley Overlook

Mike Hart pointed out the ancient wedge-slide in Quartz-Monzonite above Interstate 15 (assisted by Sue Tanges).
Wolf Valley
wine maker

Stuart Cellars Winery

Field trip participants sampled wine as Marshall Stuart, owner of Stuart Cellars, explained grading, planting, growing, harvesting, and processing techniques used to produce the fine quality wines we tasted.
   Barb, Kerry Palomar Winery
above Palomar Winery - another wine tasting, also a discussion of local soils lead by Dennis Burke.
left Poster Gal and Field Trip Leader Barbara Birnbaum assisted Kerry Kato with his explanation of Santa Rosa Plateau volcanics
vineyards   field dinner
Vineyards Dinner and wine

Vail Lake  Sunday was quite a contrast to Saturday in ruggedness... led by Mike Hart and Monte Murbach, we followed a long dirt back road to the top of Oak Mountain for a spectacular overview of the Oak Mountain Landslide Complex and Vail Lake. This was followed by a lunch stop and a hike within the landslide area to examine various exposures of landslide debris and steeply dipping shear zones. It definitely made up for the plush air-conditioned bus ride we had on Saturday!
field trips           Many thanks to the many folks who helped out with all aspects of the 2000 field trip, especially the following presenters: Kerry Cato, Roy Shlemon, Richard Laton, Miles Kenney, Dennis Burke, Mike Hart, Monte Murbach, and Marshall Stuart of Stuart Cellars. The guidebook is now available and may be picked up at meetings or ordered through the website publications order form. Thanks again to all those who contributed so generously to the preparation of the successful field trip and to those who submitted papers for the guidebook.
          Barbara B. Birnbaum

Info on the Field Guide

The Temecula Valley has an ideal combination of well-drained soils and a unique micro-climate which helped it become the successful wine-producing region that it is today. This collection of articles will interest and inform the experienced geologist, the casual traveler, and the wine enthusiast. It even includes a glossary of geologic and enologic (winemaking) terms. Bring your rock hammer for the dirt, a crystal glass for the wine, and enjoy the Temecula Valley!

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