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Our 2022 Fieldtrip took place September 30 - October 2.
Explore beautiful Chihuahua Valley and the neighboring Warner Springs and San Felipe regions September 30 to October 2, 2022. We camp both nights at Castle Rock Ranch, a private ranch located north of Warner Springs (see attached map on Page 4). Friday night is optional. Full days on Saturday and Sunday. Main theme is a focus on the crystalline Mesozoic rocks of the region. At proximity to the Agua Caliente Fault Zone, the geologic exposures commonly contain structural features that express tectonic forces at work. The preliminary itinerary includes stops at the contact between the major Cretaceous granitic pluton and Julian Schist, Blue Lady tourmaline mine, Sky Oaks ecological area, and a mylonite zone. You don't want to miss this trip! We intend this trip to be the perfect balance of study and community. After the surprise concert in the campground last year, we are excited for folks to experience the quiescence of Castle Rock Ranch. Camping space is limited, so cars, tents, trailers, and RVs must be coordinated so as we do not overwhelm our hosts (carpooling is critical here). For those not interested in camping, limited accommodations in the area are available. There are nearby campgrounds with private cabins, and a limited number of AirBNBs. These options are not included in the registration cost and must be reserved independently, though we are happy to assist. The ranch is located on a beautiful 40-acre plot, whose back acres, although a bit of a walk, are also available for camping and exploration. Large, weathered granitic boulders and a gently hummocky landscape make hiking through the ranch a scenic delight. The local wildlife should be considered when hiking alone or at night, however, as large paw prints are often sighted near the small water holes that dot the hillside.


  • Camping at Castle Rock Ranch
    -Please bring your own camping equipment
    -Campground will have portable toilets, no showers, limited water (another detail being ironed out, still, you may want to bring your own water)
  • 5 meals - Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast & lunch (If you have vegetarian/vegan needs please note in your reservation form)
  • Snacks and beverages throughout trip
  • 2022 SDAG Fieldtrip Road Log
  • Walawender's Peninsular 2nd Edition book

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