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1998 Field Trip to Imperial and Mexicali Valleys
Guadalupe Canyon geothermal area

Saturday afternoon we drove from Cerro Prieto 60 miles over Laguna Salada salt flats (sediment filled rift basin), observing geologic features en route to an oasis at the Guadalupe Canyon campground and hot springs. Guadalupe is on the southwest edge of Laguna Salada, about 30 miles south of Hwy. 2 via dirt road (2WD high clearance vehicle is adequate).

hot tub   
Guadalupe Canyon Photo by Glen Foss
Saturday, 10 October
SDAG Members and Guests camped out in excessive luxury, complete with hot tubs and gourmet dinner.

hot pool
Photo by Glen Foss
Continuously flowing hot water pools.

Rock exposed here is granite of the Peninsular Range Batholith, continental basement in the Cerro Prieto area.
Margarita shake-off
Photo by Lowell Lindsay
Saturday night featured a margarita shake-off and another of SDAG's world famous field menus - Santa Maria style barbequed tri-tips, top sirloin, and salmon, with salad, black bean chili, crusty sourdough bread, and cooked vegies. Ample liquid refreshments kept the hot spring inhabitants happy.

taste test
Taste test
Photo by Lowell Lindsay
portion control?
Photo by Lowell Lindsay
(left) Winners of the BBB/B "Caption This" contest:

"Quartz is a rock-forming dummie!"


Attempt at portion control
chef's taste test
Chef's taste test
Photo by Lowell Lindsay

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