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SDAG Monthly Meeting - VIRTUAL
Wednesday - September 29, 2021

Location: Your house, in front of your computer

6:30pm - get logged in, Happy Hour
7:00pm - Meeting begins

Join Zoom meeting from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Meeting ID: 857 9818 4239
Passcode: 461844

happy hour

Menu: What's in your fridge?

Cost: Free - BYO food and drinks.
If you are a current SDAG member and are not getting e-mail announcements,
make sure the SDAG secretary has your correct e-mail address.

6:00pm -

Speaker: Larry Busch

Upcoming SDAG meetings - 2021

September 29: - Larry Busch - virtual

Meetings are usually scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday evening of the month. Meeting information on this website is normally updated the second week of the month.

Recordings of past meetings

8/18/2021: Markes E. Johnson "Rhyolite Domes and Subsequent Offlap of Pliocene Limestone on Volcanic Islets at San Basilio (Baja California Sur, Mexico)"
Passcode: uwgF$X6p

7/21/2021: Student Scholarship Presentations "Analysis of Arctic Beaufort Sea Cores..." and "Lake Cahuilla and its effects on the SSAF system"
Passcode: 2M1LkG!C

5//2021: Hans Janzon "Nuclear Waste Disposal in Rock: Sweden and the US"
Passcode: AQpMR@4#

4/21/2021: EERI Speakers: 1) Prof. Thomas Rockwell (San Diego State University), 2) Timothy Dawson (California Geological Survey), 3) Michael DeFrisco (California Geological Survey), 4) Discussion Q&A. Moderator: Dr. Jorge Meneses

3/17/2021: Barry Keller "Sediment Transport in the San Francisco Bay Estuarine System"
Passcode: 5+Y5m?h@

2/17/2021: Dr. Norrie Robbins "Origin of Our Redbeds Pigmentation by Chembiotic Oxidation of Detrital Magnetite in Red Brown Pleistocene Terrace Sandstones, San Diego, CA."
Passcode: ^DK2UW0=

1/20/2021: W. Paul Burgess, M.S., P.G. California Geological Survey "Shallow landslide and debris flow activity in San Diego County, early April, 2020"
Note: ZOOM speaker's presentation begins at time 1:44:00.

12/16/2020: Dr. Tom Demere of the SDNHM "Suprise Talk!!."
Passcode: b.Wh7f&&
Note: ZOOM speaker's presentation begins at time 1:10:00.

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