DRAFT Provisional Fault Map for San Diego/Tijuana Earthquake Scenario

Note: California Geological Survey (CGS) Fault data uses the scale 1:24,000 [v.3.0, 2016]. CGS suggests users defer to San Diego City fault data, where marked, for increased accuracy. SD City Faults: Location and activity of faults are based chiefly on interpretation of information contained in geologic reports by private consultants. The City of San Diego identifies active faults as Holocene (<= 11,000yr) and potentially active as Quaternary (up to 1.6my). Fault investigations are ongoing that may require future revision of this map. This map is not a substitute for a site specific fault investigation. Clicking on a line/feature will reveal metadata. Solid lines are well located at 1:24,000. Dashed lines are approximate at 1:24,000. Dotted lines are concealed faults.
Download EERI-San-Diego-Scenario-2020.pdf [12Mb]       Link to the Scenario resources